I am the owner of a children’s gymnastics center with an average weekly attendance of approximately 600 children not including the parents, guests and other events that we may have.

We are in the process of switching from a alcohol hand sanitizer gel to GentleCare. Recently, one of the children had some alcohol sanitizer squirt into his eye. We heard a loud scream and he was in obvious pain and very uncomfortable for quite some time. This has happened more than once. Sometimes children use the old hand sanitizer and then wipe their eyes, or they have cuts on their hands and they will cry or complain that…It stings! Our staff and some parents complain about the alcohol drying out their hands as well.

Since we switched to GentleCare Non Alcohol Hand Sanitizer we have had nothing but compliments on how “gentle” the formula is compared to the old alcohol sanitizer we used to have. We even have parents, some of who are daycare providers stop and ask about information on how they can get their hands on this stuff because they love it!

GentleCare Non Alcohol Hand Sanitizer is safer, it doesn’t smell and my customers and all of the children are much happier.

I would recommend it to anyone! GentleCare is an “AWESOME” product and our clients are happier as a result. Thank you!

Anthony K. – Little Gym

Anhony K.