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GentleCare Solutions Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer, Hand Hygiene and Skin Care Products

The perfect solution for proper hand hygiene and your infection control needs.

Formulated with MicroDerm technology, GentleCare Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer is effective against 99.99% of harmful disease causing germs and bacteria. It is the perfect choice for everyday use, while traveling  and is a must during cold and flu season.

Our alcohol free foam formulation does not contain any Alcohol, Triclosan or PCMX all of which can be harmfull to the skin. It will produce a luxurious, non aerosol foam that is fragrance free, dye free, sting free, non flammable and safe for use with children. In addition, the first aid antiseptic properties are perfect for dry, chapped hands, minor cuts, scrapes, burns and abrasions.

GentleCare Solutions is dedicated to producing the finest quality skin care products designed to improve and enhance the quality of life for our customers. We would never produce or market a product that we would not use ourselves or recommend to a friend or family member. Try GentleCare today and make it a part of your day to day hand hygiene needs.

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