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What is GentleCare Instant Skin Sanitizing Foam?
GentleCare Foaming Instant Skin Sanitizer is a no-rinse based, foaming hand and skin sanitizer that is effective against 99.99% of all disease causing germs and bacteria. It will actually improve the condition of the skin with repeated use and provides long lasting residual protection after each application.
What is the active ingredient in GentleCare Foam?
Benzalkonium Chloride has been used effectively for years as a hard surface disinfectant. Our research and development team has been able to formulate this active with high-grade emollients to create a unique formulation known as MicroDerm. MicroDerm is highly efficacious and is extremely gentle to the skin.
I've never heard of Benzalkonium Chloride. What is it, and why use it instead of the more standard, common actives such as Alcohol, CHG and PCMX?
Benzalkonium Chloride is a quaternary ammonium surfactant used as a topical anti-infective agent. Our chemists were able to take this active ingredient and provide a single formulation that simultaneously eliminates microorganisms, improves skin condition, maintains intact skin and remains effective for hours after application; this is the MicroDerm technology.
Is GentleCare Hand Sanitizer flammable?
No. GentleCare Sanitizer is alcohol free and has zero flash point making it non-flammable. Our unique non-aerosol foaming applicator is non combustable and does not require any special storage compartment.

Test have demonstrated that alcohol hand sanitizer can burn as hot as 311 degree's and is highly flammable.
What is the difference between antibacterial and antimicrobial?
Products that contain antibacterial active ingredients only destroy bacteria or suppress their growth or reproduction. An antimicrobial product kills a broad spectrum of pathogens as well as bacteria. GentleCare products that contain MicroDerm are categorized as an antimicrobial.
Is GentleCare safe for use with food surfaces?
Yes, our sanitizer product contains benzalkonium chloride which has been safely used in cosmetics, eye care products and the quaternary ammonium compound is widely used in most food surface disinfection products.
Is MicroDerm effective against MRSA and VRE?
Yes, all products with MicroDerm will demonstrate efficacy against a broad range of microorganisms, including MRSA,VRE and E-coli.
CDC Guidelines indicate that alcohol based hand sanitizers are NOT effective against C-Diff (Clostridium Difficile). Is GentleCare effective against C-Diff (Clostridium Difficile)?
GentleCare formulated with MicroDerm is effective against the C-Diff (Clostridium Difficile) bacteria in the vegetative state, which can ultimately develop into a spore.

Spore Definition
A spore is a reproductive cell produced by plants (fungi, moss, ferns) and some protozoa and bacteria. The spore often fully develops after a state of dormancy or hibernation.

Certain bacteria produce spores as a defensive mechanism. Bacterial spores have thick walls and are very resistant to high temperatures, humidity, and other unfavorable conditions.

Chemical disinfection kills bacteria, but does not destroy their spores. Sterilization destroys spores as well as bacteria, and requires high temperatures and high pressures. In health care settings, sterilization is usually accomplished using a device called an autoclave.
Is GentleCare Effective Against H1N1 and other Viruses?
Although our FDA registered GentleCare Alcohol-Free Formula has been proven to be 99.99% effective against a broad spectrum of easily-transmitted germs, fungi, bacteria and viruses. Current FDA guideliness prohibit hand sanitizer manufacturers from 'advertising' any claims with regard to viruses, even if those manufacturers might have independent lab tests to document the efficacy of their products.

This is apparently because of FDA concern that consumers will presume that the particular illness caused by these germs or virus strains will be completely prevented through use of the product.

Because germs/bacteria and viruses can be spread in a number of ways, no maker of hand sanitizer products can provide complete guarantees. If they do make such claims related to their products, they are violating FDA guideliness and could be subjected to severe fines and or criminal prosecution.

That said, we maintain that proper handwashing and hygiene is the single most impotant means to preventing the spread of infection and cross-contamination. This is why the US Centers For Disease Control and various orther organizations recommend hand washing, or use of appropriate hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available.

Contact us for more information or read our FAQ's and MSDS and Tech Data sections.

* GentleCare is a FDA registered facility.
Does GentleCare with MicroDerm have any residual efficacy?
Yes, whereas Alcohol stops working immediately after it dries because it evaporates, Our GentleCare Alcohol Free formulation remains topical on the skin, has residual efficacy and will continue to work after each application.
How effective is GentleCare and how quickly does MicroDerm work?
A time kill study determined how rapidly the MicroDerm Antimicrobial formulation killed a broad spectrum of pathogens. Below are just some of the more harmful pathogens in which our product is 99.99% effective against.

"Contact us" for more information on efficacy and technical data.
What is the shelf life of GentleCare Foaming Skin Sanitizer?
Three (3) years from date of manufacture.
Will GentleCare sting if used on minor cuts and scrapes?
No! GentleCare' anti sting formulation will not sting or dry out damaged or cracked hands. GentleCare may actually help minor cuts and abrasions while inhibiting the growth of microorganisms.

GentleCare will not sting even when applied to chaffed/cracked hands, cuts, scrapes or abrasions.
Is GentleCare Foaming Skin Sanitizer safe for use with children?
Most definitely! Regular use of GentleCare Foam in pre-school and school environments can help to drastically reduce cross contamination and the spread of infections. GentleCare products are gentle enough for everyday use. * Children under 6 should be supervised.
Why does GentleCare with MicroDerm leave hands feeling much more moisturized than alcohol based products with added moisturizers?
When alcohol contacts the skin, it removes the natural oils. Attempting to replace natural oils with synthetic additives is not as effective as if they were never removed in the first place. GentleCare does not remove the natural lubrication and oils from the skin. Referred to as De-Fatting of the Epidermis and Dermis.
Is GentleCare compatible with latex gloves?
Will GentleCare with MicroDerm protect me from contamination caused from hand to surface contact?
Yes. When you apply GentleCare with MicroDerm , you not only have a very high rate of initial pathogen kill, you also have a lasting protection against contamination. For example; you have sanitized your hands with GentleCare and then you contact a med-cart, doorknob, IV pole, bed rail, or dispenser. The lasting protection of GentleCare will help prevent contamination to your hands by continuing to kill pathogens which may have been picked up from these surfaces.
Does MicroDerm kill both the "good" and "bad" bacteria on your hands? What is the difference?
"Good" bacteria, known as resident bacteria or normal flora, is bacteria that normally reside on the skin and do not cause infection while residing in their normal habitat, and participate in maintaining health. Normal flora is not easily removed by routine hand washing.

"Bad" bacteria, or transient bacteria, is bacteria that when in contact with the skin can cause disease or infection. Transient bacteria can easily be transmitted from person to person by direct contact. The most common mode of transmission of transient bacteria is the hands. Hand washing is the single most effective procedure in preventing the spread of transient bacteria thus, the spread of infection.

GentleCare with MicroDerm is highly effective in killing transient bacteria responsible for disease and infection. MicroDerm eliminates some but not all normal flora WITHOUT de-fatting the skin which can lead to skin irritation and dryness. Moreover, MicroDerm actually improves the condition of the skin.
"Intact skin is the first line of defense against infection"
Do you test on animals?
No. We are happy to say that we do not and have not ever conducted any testing on animals.

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